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Deleting a Node from Linked List

Problem statement: Given a number, delete the first occurrence of that number in the linked list. Iterative Solution 1) Find the previous node of the node...

Search an Element in a Linked List

Problem Statement: Search an element in a Linked List i) Iterative solution ii) Recursive solution Iterative Solution 1) Initialize temp node to head 2)  while temp is not NULL a)...

Linked List Insertion Set 1

Adding a Node in Singly Linked List 1) at the Beginning 2) at the end 3) at a specific location Inserting a Node at the beginning of the...

Create a Linked List

/*C code to create and print the Linked List*/ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> typedef struct node { int data; struct node *next; } NODE; NODE *head = NULL; NODE *newNodeF(int key) { NODE *temp =...

Linked List Traversal

The printList() function takes a linked list as input and prints the elements of the list till NULL pointer is encountered. Here the traversal...

Linked List

A Linked List is the data structure that consists of nodes containing data and a pointer to the next node. - The node points to...

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