DBMS Terminology

DDL stands for Data Definition Language, which works on database schemas and descriptions, of how the data should be stored in the database.

  • CREATE: to create a database and its objects 
  • ALTER: alters the structure of the existing database
  • DROP: delete objects from the database
  • TRUNCATE: remove all records from a table
  • COMMENT: add comments to the data dictionary
  • RENAME: rename an object

DML stands for Data Manipulation Language which deals with data manipulation and is used to store, modify, retrieve, delete and update data in a database.

  • SELECT: retrieve data from a database
  • INSERT: insert data into a table
  • UPDATE: updates existing data within a table
  • DELETE: Delete all records from a database table
  • MERGE: UPSERT operation (insert or update)
  • CALL: call a PL/SQL or Java subprogram
  • EXPLAIN PLAN: interpretation of the data access path
  • LOCK TABLE: concurrency Control

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