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Doubly Linked List

Doubly Linked List Problem Statement: Write a Menu driven program for Doubly Linked List with following functionality- i. Insert node at Beginning ii. Insert node at End iii....

Move last element to front of a given Linked List

Move last element to front of a given Linked List Problem statement: Given a Singly linked list, move the last element to the front of...

Circular Linked List

In Circular Linked list any node can be the starting point. The last node points to the head node. It can be used in understanding...

Split nodes of a linked list into two halves

Split nodes of a linked list into two halves Problem statement: Given a linked list split it into two halves, front and back. If the...

Deleting a Node from Linked List

Problem statement: Given a number, delete the first occurrence of that number in the linked list. Iterative Solution 1) Find the previous node of the node...

Search an Element in a Linked List

Problem Statement: Search an element in a Linked List i) Iterative solution ii) Recursive solution Iterative Solution 1) Initialize temp node to head 2)  while temp is not NULL a)...

Linked List Insertion Set 1

Adding a Node in Singly Linked List 1) at the Beginning 2) at the end 3) at a specific location Inserting a Node at the beginning of the...

Create a Linked List

/*C code to create and print the Linked List*/ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> typedef struct node { int data; struct node *next; } NODE; NODE *head = NULL; NODE *newNodeF(int key) { NODE *temp =...

Linked List Traversal

The printList() function takes a linked list as input and prints the elements of the list till NULL pointer is encountered. Here the traversal...

Linked List

A Linked List is the data structure that consists of nodes containing data and a pointer to the next node. - The node points to...

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