Linked list

A Linked List is the data structure that consists of nodes containing data and a pointer to the next node.
– The node points to NULL
–  Can grow or shrink in size during the execution of the program

Linked Lists ADT
Main Operations
Insert: inserts an element into the list
Delete: removes an element from the specified position
Auxiliary Operations
Delete List: Remove all elements from the list
Count: Returns the count of elements in the list
Search: Find if the element is present in the list or not

Declaration of a basic Linked list

struct node {
int data;
struct node* next;

Basic Operations on a List
Create list

Traversing the list
Inserting an element in the list
Deleting an element from the list
Solved Linked List problems
Length of the Linked List
– Search an element in Linked List
– Delete a node from Nth position in Linked List
– Merge and Sort two Linked list

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